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Post  Ash on Mon Jul 28, 2008 12:25 pm

Bottle of Juniberry Gin 120-160g
Bottle of Vabbian Wine 120-160g
Dwarven Ale 120-160g
Eggnog 120-160g
Hard Apple Cider 120-160g
Hunter’s Ale 120-160g
Shamrock Ale 120-160g
Vial of Absinthe 120-160g
Witch’s Brew 120-160g
Zehtuka’s Jug 120-160g

Aged Dwarven Ale 350-500g
Flask of Firewater 350-500
Spiked Eggnog 350-500g

Exclusions: Bottles of Rice Wine do contribute to the Alcohol title but their value at the merchant is higher than what is considered the average price used to trade with people.

Candy Apple 150-200g
Candy Corn 130-160g
Fruitcake 130-160g
Golden Egg 130-160g
Honeycomb 150-200g
Mandragor Root Cake 130-160g
Pumpkin Cookie 130-160g
Rainbow Candy Cane 140-200g
Refined Jelly 150-200g
Slice of Pumpkin Pie 140-160g
Sugary Blue Drink 130-160g
Wintergreen Candy Cane 150-200g

Birthday Cupcake 400-600g
Chocolate Bunny 250-350g
Peppermint Candy Cane 250-300g
Red Bean Cake 250-350g

Crème Brûlée 350-450g

Party Points
Bottle Rocket 135-200g
Champagne Popper 135-200g
Sparkler 135-200g
Ghost-in-the-Box 135-200g
Squash Serum 135-200g
Snowman Summoner 135-200g

Automatonic Tonic 5k
Beetle Juice Tonic 5k
Boreal Tonic 5k
Phantasmal Tonic 5k
Transmorgrifier Tonic 300-600g
Yuletide Tonic 300-600g

Crate of Fireworks 500g-1k

Exlusions: The everlasting versions of the tonics do not count toward the Party Animal title track.

Lucky/Unlucky Points
Four-leaf Clover 200-250g
Lockpick 1-1.25k

Please read up on the conditions that must be met for a player to receive Lucky/Unlucky points from these items.

Eye of the North Consumables
Consumable Set (Essence of Celerity, Armor of Salvation, Grail of Might) 6.5-7k
Armor of Salvation ??
Essence of Celerity ??
Grail of Might ??
Perfect Salvage Kit 1-2k
Powerstone of Courage ??
Scroll of Resurrection ??
Star of Transference ??

Flame of Balthazar 1-2k
Golden Flame of Balthazar 3-4k
Zaishen Key 4.5-5.5k

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