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Post  Baltheros on Tue Mar 18, 2008 3:11 pm

this build uses the mesmer's casting speed to cast the elementalist's fire spells very quick


11+1+3 fast casting
12 fire magic
6+1 inspiration magic

1. fireball
2. breath of fire
3. auspicious incantation
4. meteor shower
5. rodgort's invocation
6. fire attunement
7. echo
8. optional

1. for pve ress. signet
2. for AB fire storm


radiant armor for energy
Use a +15/-1 energy Fire Wand with a 20% chance to halve the recharge of Fire Magic spells (such as the Fire Wand crafted by Honglei Sun) and a Fire Magic Focus with a 20% chance to add +1 Fire Magic and a 20% chance to halve the recharge time of Fire Magic spells (such as The Kindlerock). Swap to another weapon set when not in combat to regain the extra pip of energy regeneration


Keep Fire Attunement up at all times, without it energy management becomes very difficult. Beware of enemies with enchantment removing skills.
When facing small mobs cast Echo and Fireball, then spam Fireball. When you get down to 30 energy cast Auspicious Incantation followed by Rodgort's Invocation - after these spells you'll have around 50 energy. Rodgort's Invocation will be disabled for additional 8 seconds.
When facing a large mob cast Echo, Meteor Shower, Rodgort's Invocation, Auspicious Incantation and finally the Echoed Meteor Shower - at the end of this chain you will have a full energy bar of around 50 (due to the energy lost to exhaustion). This allows you to keep Meteor Shower up for 18 consecutive seconds, and immediately follow it up with Fireball, Breath of Fire and Fire Storm (in Competitive Missions/Alliance Battles).
Use Breath of Fire (and, if you have it, Fire Storm) as your standard damage over time spell - Meteor Shower should only be used when absolutely necessary due to its high energy cost and exhaustion.
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