earth elementalist (survivor)

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earth elementalist (survivor) Empty earth elementalist (survivor)

Post  Baltheros on Tue Mar 18, 2008 1:42 pm

my PVE/PVP build

E/D 12+1+3earth magic
10 energy storage
8 earth prayers

1. optional
2. earth attunement
3. stoneflesh aura
4. armor of earth
5. silver armor
6. mystic regeneration
7. obsidian flame
8. shockwave

1. aura of restoration
2. elemental lord
3. ress. signet

health things
halves skill recharge of spells
halves casting times of earth spells
(atm. i use arbors earth staff)

its weak against backfire and skills that makes you lose your enchantments.
so... make sure that you got a monk that can cure you from backfire
and take 2-3 killers to get rid of mesmers or ppl that makes you lose your enchantment like necro's and mesmer.
Cool Cool Very Happy

kill many ppl while sleeping:D Sleep Sleep lol!
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