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A/D Critical Wounder Empty A/D Critical Wounder

Post  Alain on Thu Apr 23, 2009 9:47 am

This Assassin uses Wounding Strike to spam covered Deep Wound. Useful for both spiking(massive Scythe Crits) and pressure.

Template Code: OwpiMypMBg1cxcBAMBdmtIKAA
Optional Skill:

  • Assassin. Critical Strikes 14
    Critical Eye
    For 33 seconds, you have an additional 14% chance to land a critical hit when attacking. You gain 1 Energy whenever you score a critical hit.

    A/D Critical Wounder 1018

  • Dervish. Scythe Mastery 12
    Crippling Sweep
    Scythe Attack
    If this attack hits, target foe is Crippled for 7 seconds for each Enchantment on you (maximum 18 seconds).

    A/D Critical Wounder 1535

  • Dervish. Scythe Mastery 12
    Victorious Sweep
    Melee Attack
    If this attack hits, you deal +25 damage. If the target foe has less Health than you, you gain 70 Health.

    A/D Critical Wounder 1488


  • Full Survivor
  • Vampiric, Zealous, and Ebon Scythe of Fortitude
  • General Defensive Shield Sets.

  • Maintain Way of the Master and Assassin's Remedy.
  • Spam Wounding Strike → Eremite's Attack → Mystic Sweep.
  • Dash after foes.
  • Resurrect allies.

  • Anti-melee hexes.
  • Spirit Bond/Protective Spirit before removed.
  • Enchantment removal.
  • Stone Sheath, Dulled Weapon and to a lesser extent, Balanced Stance

  • Assassin's Remedy removes a condition before the attack hits.
    This means that conditions like blind (from anti-melee foes) are
    generally removed before the next hit.
Video Of The Build: A/D Critical Wounder

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