Oink Farm!

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Oink Farm!

Post  Alain on Thu Apr 16, 2009 8:43 pm

Vid of the Oink Farm.
Audio track got ripped Sad.

Ok lets start!

The Oink Farm!


Owok4wPG0tmD13gcXXJ1D2LAReA = Skill template.

Just take you're 55 hp monk.


Replace "Smite Condition" for:
Balthazar's Aura
Symbol of Wrath

I suggest you try them both out.
Starting the Farm
Start at "Gates of Kryta". Enter the mission on HM.
Maintain "Blessed Aura" and "Balthazar's Spirit".
Go outside the gates and as soon as possible you leave the road to the left, you will see a house and mostly the pig "Oink" (Guess why it's called the Oink farm.) You walk through the farm, and will see one hellhound, get Protective Spirit and Mystic Regeneration up. As soon as you approach the Hellhound (or earlier) there will spawn some grasping ghouls, just be a normal 55 hp monk and kill the enemies. But focus on the Hellhound.
When you kill the hellhound, plenty of enemies spawn. Kill them all, take the loot. And do the whole farm again.

It's not the fastest farm, but it's easy to get Materials such as bones and Goldies.


If you have any difficulities, please watch my youtube movie (mentioned at the very first sentence of the Guide) and otherwise contact me ingame with the IGN: Natasha Charrblade.

If any mods feel like changing this Farm Guide, please do!

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