Glittering Dust (Rubies & Sapphires)

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Glittering Dust (Rubies & Sapphires) Empty Glittering Dust (Rubies & Sapphires)

Post  Ash on Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:12 pm

The Hidden City of Ahdashim


Level: 20

Divine Favor: 13 (12+1)
Protection Prayers: 14 (12+2)
Inspiration Magic: 3

Shield of Absorption (Protection Prayers)
Spirit Bond (Protection Prayers)
Protective Spirit (Protection Prayers)
Spell Breaker [Elite] (Divine Favor)
Mindbender ( Asuran )
Mantra of Flame (Inspiration Magic)
Essence Bond (Monk other)
Blessed Aura (Divine Favor)

Glittering Dust (Rubies & Sapphires) Gw27010
Template: OwUTMmHDZ6uSLqeIiYt8AQfAgAA

Armor with lowest possible AL
Place Survivor Insignias on all 5 pieces of armor.
Other than the two attribute Runes have the best Vigor Rune you can afford and on the last two pieces of armor apply Runes of Vitae.
Any weapon with Enchantments last 20% longer will work fine.
I prefer a 20% Sword with +5 Energy and a 20/20 Protection Focus

Level: 20

Divine Favor: 3
Protection Prayers: 15 (12+3)
Smiting Prayers: 16 (12+1+3)

Blood is Power [Elite] (Blood Magic)
Blessed Signet (Divine Favor)
Signet of Devotion (Divine Favor)
Rebirth (Protection Prayers)
Holy Wrath (Smiting Prayers)
Retribution (Smiting Prayers)
Vital Blessing (Protection Prayers)
Balthazar's Spirit (Smiting Prayers)

Glittering Dust (Rubies & Sapphires) Gw27110
Template: OwQT44HDn4OpskyMf4LkyDA

Armor with max AR.
If the smiter is not a hero, bring the superior Smiting and Protection runes on separate headsets and switch between them as appropriate when putting up the maintained enchantments, so you effectively have 16 in each.

Highest affordable Vigor Rune and 1 Rune of Vitae.
All armor pieces should have Survivor Insignias
A staff with two +30HP mods is recommended.

Flag your hero more than an agro bubble away.
You should have some basic 600 knowledge before attempting this farm.
Also good for LB points.

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Glittering Dust (Rubies & Sapphires) Empty Re: Glittering Dust (Rubies & Sapphires)

Post  Musei Namida on Mon Apr 06, 2009 3:25 am

nice, I like the detail.
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