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Post  Guest on Tue Jan 20, 2009 2:15 pm

I like the pole we have on the site about apply poison and burning arrow so i desided to come up with and build for it and this is what i made

Attributes and Skills

Marksmanship 8 + 1
Wilderness Survival 8
Beast Mastery 7
Expetise 12 + 1

Apply poison
burning arrow
troll unguent
antidote signet
charm animal
never rampage alone (NRA)
comfort animal
run as one


Bow of your liking. I use a flat bow zealous mob and flat bow sundering mob

Rune of your liking. I have 30 energy and the rest is + hp


keep up NRA and apply poison.
Find and kill useing the combo of burning poison with your pet beating on the taget.
heal your self with troll unguent and your pets with comfort animal.
Use antidote signet as needed


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