Gold and Green Weapons

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Gold and Green Weapons Empty Gold and Green Weapons

Post  Baltheros on Fri Jan 09, 2009 12:12 am

`Gold weapons:


Poisonous Celestial longbow of marksmanship
-Piercing dmg 15-28 (req. 12 marksmanship)
-Leghtens duration of poison on foes with 33%
-Marksmanship +1 (while casting a skill)


Eagle defender of valor
-16 armor (req. 10 motivation)
-HP + 58 (while hexed)
-Inscription:"Like a Rolling Stone"
+10 Armor vs. earth dmg


Fiery dragon sword
-Fire dmg 15-22 (req. 12 swordsmanship)
-Inscription:"Dance with Death"
+13%dmg (while in a stance)

Shocking Flamberge of Fortune
-Lightning dmg. 15-22 (req. 10 Swordsmanship)
-+30 HP
-Inscription :"too much Information"
+14% dmg. (vs. hexed foes)

Off hand:

Straw Effigy
-Energy +12 (req. 9 divine prayers)
- armor +5 (while casting)

Green Weapons


Claws of the Broodmother
-Slashing dmg. 7-17 (req. 9 dagger mastery)
-+15%dmg (while hp is above 50%)
-Leghtens duration of poison on foes with 33%
-+30 Hp

Lou's Karambits
-Slashing dmg 7-17 (req. 9 dagger mastery)
-Dmg +15% (while in stance)
-Armor penatration 20% (chance: 20%)
-+ 30HP


Ssyn's Staff
-Energy +10
-Lightning Dmg. 11-22 (req. 10 Channeling magic)
-Halves Casting Time of Channeling Magic Spells (20% chance)
-Halves Skill Recharge of Channeling Magic spells (20% chance)

Tin Dao's Staff
-energy +5
-Lightning dmg. 8-13 (req. 6 channeling magic)
-halves casting time of Channeling magic spells (10% chance)
-halves skill recharge of channeling magic spells (10% chance)
-energy +3


Eye of Argon
-16 armor (req 9 command)
-reduces blind duration on you by 20%
-hp +30

to buy, please leave or whisper me an offer Wink
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Gold and Green Weapons Empty If you're int'rested

Post  Guest on Wed Feb 11, 2009 1:25 am

Eshau's Spear;
Kaolin Longbow
Quivering Blade

All greens.

Also 10 x warrior tomes.

If you should so want them, nae problemo, catch me on gw. Smile


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