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Weapon upgrade components Empty Weapon upgrade components

Post  Baltheros on Thu Jan 08, 2009 11:09 pm

Weapon upgrade components

Poisonous axe haft = foes suffer 33% longer on poison

-poisonous sword hilt = foes suffer 33% longer on poison
-sword pommel of swordsmanship = +1swordsmanship while casting a skill(chance: 19%)

-shocking hammer haft = hammer deals lightning dmg.
-fiery hammer haft = hammer deals fire dmg.
-hammer grip fortitude = +30 hp.

-shield handle of endurance = +44 hp (while in a stance)
-shield handle of endurance = +45 hp (while in a stance)

-dagger handle of dagger mastery = +1 dagger mastery while casting a skill( 15% chance)
-dagger handle of fortitude = +22 hp
-dagger handle of enchanting = enchants last 17% longer
-fiery dagger tang = dagger deals fire dmg.
-sundering dagger tang = armor penaltration +20%
-icy dagger tang = dagger deals cold dmg.

-staff wrapping of enchantment = enchants last 19% longer

-shocking bowstring = bow deals lightning dmg.
-icy bowstring = bow deals cold dmg.
-fiery bowstring = bow deals fire dmg.

-focus core of valor =+51HP

this are the weapon upgrade components i have to sell.
leave or whisper a offer/price please Wink
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