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Post  Musei Namida on Sun Apr 13, 2008 11:15 am

Here I'm going to list a few monk build that will rule your world. They have all been tested by myself and I'm sure you will enjoy them.

First off I'm going to put a basic 55 build.

55 Mo/W

Healing Prayers = 10 + 3 = 13
Smiting Prayers = 12 + 3 + 1 = 15
Protection Prayers = 8 + 3 = 11
Divine Fabor = 2 + 3 = 5

Invulnerable Monks 55Monk1
Protective Spirit
Healing Breeze
Shield of Judgment
Zealot's Fire
Bonetti's Defense
Balthazar's Spirit
Blessed Aura

*You must buy Radiant Insignia's for all 5 pieces of armor
*you must buy all 4 super monk runes + 1 super monk rune of your choice (5 super monk runes total)
*Head piece with Smiting Prayers + 1
*You must buy or get (one way or another) a -50 health off-hand. (perfect offhand you can get near beginning of prophecies campaign as reward from quest) **Grim Cesta**
*primary weapon (rarely attack with) can be anything with Enchantments Last 20 percent longer
General Idea:
The 5 super runes and the -50hp Grim Cesta is to get your health down to exactly 55 health.(hints the 55 monk). when you first enter map you cast Mending, Blessed Aura, and Balthazar's Spirit on yourself. Any foe/mob/enemy that disenchants defeats purpose of this build, stay away from these creatures. Run into battle with protective spirit on, if damage or degen is too much for mending to hold cast healing breeze on you. Maintain these two enchantments at all times while you fight your foe. Bonetti's Defense is mainly used for quick energy gain, but can help in times of need for a little extra defense. Zealot's fire is used to deal extra damage while casting your Protective Spirit and Healing Breeze. Shield of Judgment(also know as SoJ) is main skill for this build, without it staying alive is worthless. Use SoJ once every enemy is attacking you, with help of Zealot's Fire, Most enemies shouldn't last very long at all. Experience is a factor here, the keep in mind that Protective Spirit and Healing Breeze time runs out quickly you also have to stay aware that you have a limited supply of energy. Bonetti's Defense is a requirement for this ultimate combo to work.

Grammer Errors are unhelped... 3:15am, too tired to worry about it.
I'll correct later...

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