they're on fire!

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they're on fire!

Post  Baltheros on Tue Mar 18, 2008 2:59 pm

with this build...your enemies are all the time on fire.


11 fire magic
16 spearmastery
12 leadership

1. mark of rodgort
2. anthem of flame
3. "they're on fire!"
4. glowing signet
5. stunning strike
6. fire storm
7. leader's comfort
8. signet of return

use a spear that deals fire dmg.
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Re: they're on fire!

Post  wasbeer on Sun Jul 20, 2008 10:58 am

You sure about firestorm ?

The point of "they're on fire" isn't that YOU make the mob burn; but a sf (searing flames) fire ele (can be hero).

Aside from that paragons in general don't use superior runes.

Aside from that most gons don't use leadership's comfort; as it heals too -slow- (too long cast).

Shunning strike is ok but I'd suggest spear wipe instead.

Overal you don't need glowing signet much as a gon;you get your energy back from shouts.

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