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Melee Weapons


Barbed sword hilts 1k
Crippling sword hilts 1k
Cruel sword hilts 1k
Ebon sword hilts 1k
Fiery sword hilts 1k
Furious sword hilts 1-2k
Icy sword hilts 3k
Poisonous sword hilts 1k
Shocking sword hilts 1k
Sundering sword hilts 8-10k
Sundering 19% - 1k hard to sell
Vampiric sword hilts 1k
Zealous sword hilts 1-2k

Sword pommels of defense 1k
Sword pommels of enchanting 5-7k
Enchanting 19% - 1k hard to sell
Sword pommels of fortitude 6-8k
Fortitude 29hp - 1k
Sword pommels of shelter 1k
Sword pommels of swordsmanship 1k
Sword pommels of warding 1k


Barbed axe hafts 1k
Crippling axe hafts 1K
Cruel axe hafts 1K
Ebon axe hafts 1k
Fiery axe hafts 1k
Furious axe hafts 1-2k
Heavy axe hafts 1K
Icy axe hafts 1k
Poisonous axe hafts 1k
Shocking axe hafts 1k
Sundering axe hafts 5-7k
Vampiric axe hafts 1k
Zealous axe hafts 1-2k

Axe grips of axe mastery 1k
Axe grips of defense 1k
Axe grips of enchanting 2-4k
Axe grips of fortitude 5k
Fortitude 29hp - 1k
Axe grips of shelter 1k
Axe grips of warding 1k


Cruel hammer hafts 1k
Ebon hammer hafts 1K
Fiery hammer hafts 1k
Furious hammer hafts 1-2k
Heavy hammer hafts 1k
Icy hammer hafts 1k
Shocking hammer hafts 1k
Sundering hammer hafts 2-3k
Vampiric hammer hafts 1-2k
Zealous hammer hafts 1-2k

Hammer grips of defense 1k
Hammer grips of enchanting 1k
Hammer grips of fortitude 2-3k
Hammer grips of hammer mastery 1k
Hammer grips of shelter 1k
Hammer grips of warding 1k


Barbed scythe snathes 1k
Crippling scythe snathes 1k
Cruel scythe snathes 1k
Ebon scythe snathes 2-3k
Fiery scythe snathes 1k
Furious scythe snathes 1-2k
Heavy scythe snathes 1K
Icy scythe snathes 1K
Poisonous scythe snathes 1K
Shocking scythe snathes 1k
Sundering scythe snathes 5-7k
Sundering 19% - 1k
Vampiric scythe snathes 1-2k
Zealous scythe snathes 2-3k

Scythe grips of defense 1k
Scythe grips of enchanting 5-7k
Enchanting 19% - 1k
Scythe grips of fortitude 3-5k
Fortitude 29hp - 1k
Scythe grips of scythe mastery 1k
Scythe grips of shelter 1k
Scythe grips of warding 1k


Barbed dagger tangs 1k
Crippling dagger tangs 1K
Cruel dagger tangs 1K
Ebon dagger tangs 1K
Fiery dagger tangs 1k
Furious dagger tangs 1k
Icy dagger tangs 1k
Poisonous dagger tangs 1k
Shocking dagger tangs 1k
Silencing dagger tangs 1k
Sundering dagger tangs 2-3k
Vampiric dagger tangs 1k
Zealous dagger tangs 1-2K

Dagger handles of dagger mastery 1k
Dagger handles of defense 1k
Dagger handles of enchanting 1-2k
Dagger handles of fortitude 2-3k
Dagger handles of shelter 1k
Dagger handles of warding 1k

************************************************** *********

Ranged Weapons


Barbed spearheads 1K
Crippling spearheads 1k
Cruel spearheads 1k
Ebon spearheads 1k
Fiery spearheads 1k
Furious spearheads 2-3k
Heavy spearheads 1K
Icy spearheads 1K
Poisonous spearheads 1k
Shocking spearheads 1k
Silencing spearheads 1k
Sundering spearheads 3-4k
Vampiric spearheads 1k
Zealous spearheads 1-2k

Spear grips of defense 1k
Spear grips of enchanting 2-3k
Spear grips of fortitude 3-5k
Fortitude 29hp - 1k
Spear grips of shelter 1k
Spear grips of spear mastery 1k
Spear grips of warding 1k


Barbed bow strings 1k
Crippling bow strings 1K
Ebon bow strings 1K
Fiery bow strings 1k
Icy bow strings 1K
Poisonous bow strings 1k
Shocking bow strings 1k
Silencing bow strings 1k
Sundering bow strings 1-2k
Vampiric bow strings 1k
Zealous bow strings 1k

Bow grips of defense 1k
Bow grips of enchanting 1k
Bow grips of fortitude 1-2k
Bow grips of marksmanship 1k
Bow grips of shelter 1k
Bow grips of warding 1k

Shield Handles

Shield handles of devotion 2-3k
Shield handles of endurance 2-3k
Shield handles of fortitude 5-8k
Fortitude 29hp - 1k
Shield handles of valor 1-2k

************************************************** *********

Magic Weapons


Adept staff heads 2-3K
Defensive staff heads 500g-1K
Hale staff heads 1-2k
Insightful staff heads 1k
Swift staff heads 2-3k

Staff wrappings of defense 1K
Staff wrappings of devotion 1-2k
Staff wrappings of enchanting 1-2k
Staff wrappings of endurance 1-2k
Staff wrappings of fortitude 1-3k
Staff wrappings of mastery 1-3k
Staff wrappings of shelter 1k
Staff wrappings of valor 1k
Staff wrappings of warding 1k


Wand wrappings of memory 2-3k
Wand wrappings of quickening 1-2k


Focus cores of aptitude 2-3k
Focus cores of devotion 2-3k
Focus cores of endurance 1k
Focus cores of fortitude 2-3k
Focus cores of swiftness 2-3k
Focus cores of valor 2-3k

************************************************** *********


Weapon Inscriptions
Strength and honor inscriptions 1-2k (15% more damage while over 50% health)
Guided by Fate inscriptions 1-2k (while enchanted)
Dance with Death inscriptions 1k (while in stance)
To The Pain inscriptions 1k (-10 armor while attacking)
Brawn Over Brains inscriptions 1k (-5 energy)
Vengeance is Mine inscriptions 1k (20% more while under 50% health) hard to sell
Don't Think Twice inscriptions 1k (10% chance fast cast for all spells) hard to sell

Martial Weapon Inscriptions
I Have The Power inscriptions 1k (+5 energy)
Let the Memory Live Against inscriptions 1k (10% chance fast recharge for all spells)

Spellcasting Weapon Inscriptions

Aptitude Not Attitude inscriptions 7-10k (20% fast cast for attribute's spells)
Aptitude Not Attitude 19% - 1k
Seize The Day inscriptions 2-3k (+15 energy, -1 energy regeneration)
Hale And Hearty inscriptions 1k (+5 energy while over 50% health)
Have Faith inscriptions 1k (+5 while enchanted)
Don't call it a comeback! inscriptions 1k (+7 while under 50% health)
I am Sorrow inscriptions 1k (+7 while hexed)

Focus Items ONLY

Forget Me Not inscriptions 25-30k (20% recharge on attribute's spells)
Forget Me Not 19% 1-2k
Serenity Now inscriptions 1k (10% on all spells)
Live for Today inscriptions 3-4k (+15 energy, -1 energy regeneration)

Hail to the King inscriptions 1k (+5 armor while over 50% health)
Ignorance Is Bliss inscriptions 1k (-5 energy)
Life is Pain inscriptions 1k (-20 health)
Faith is My Shield inscriptions 1k (while enchanted)
Knowing is Half the Battle inscriptions 1k (while casting)
Might Makes Right 1k (while attacking)
Man for All Seasons inscriptions 1k (vs. elemental damage)
Survival of the Fittest inscriptions 1k (vs. physical damage)
Be Just and Fear Not inscriptions 1k (+10 armor while hexed)

Shield & Focus Inscriptions

Luck of the draw inscriptions 8-12k (-5 physical damage, 20% chance)
Luck of the draw 19% - 1-2k
Run for your life! inscriptions 1-2k (-2 while in stance)
Sheltered by faith inscriptions 1-2k (-2 while enchanted)
Nothing to Fear inscriptions 1-2k (-3 while hexed)

Sleep now in the fire inscriptions 2-3k (+10 armor vs. fire)
Riders on the storm inscriptions 1-2k (lightning)
Leaf on the wind inscriptions 1-2k (cold)
Like a Rolling Stone inscriptions 1-2k (earth)
The riddle of steel inscriptions 2-3k (slashing)
Through thick and thin inscriptions 1-2k (piercing)
Not the face! inscriptions 1-2k (blunt)

Master of my domain inscriptions 2-3k (Attribute +1, 20% chance)

Fear Cuts Deeper inscriptions 1k (20% shorter Bleeding duration)
I Can See Clearly Now inscriptions 1k (Blind)
Soundness of Mind inscriptions 1k (Dazed)
Cast Out the Unclean inscriptions 1k (Disease)
Only the Strong Survive 1k (Weakness)
Pure of Heart 1k (Poison)
Strength of Body 1k (Deep Wound)
Swift as the Wind 1k(Crippled)
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