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Prices are not stable.
Consider that you’ll always find someone selling for a really cheap price and someone buying for an incredible high price.

Regarding Dedicated Mini-pets: the short answer is that a dedicated minipet will sell for roughly 50% the prices quoted below for undedicated minipets. More popular minipets might be discounted only 25-40%, while less popular may have even larger discounts than 50%.

Information on dedication
A miniature can be added to the Monument of Devotion in the Hall of Monuments (Eye of the North expansion).
Each miniature can only be added to a single character's monument.
Once added, the miniature will be marked as "Dedicated" and cannot be added to another character's monument even if traded.
Other characters can still use and trade the miniature as before.


Year One


Devourer minipet 5k
Fungal wallows minipet 5k
Hydra minipet 5k-10k
Jade armor minipet 5k-10k
Necrid horseman minipet 5k-10k
Siege turtle minipet 5k-10k
Temple guardian minipet 5k - 10k
Troll minipet 5k


Burning titans minipet 10k-20k
Charr shaman minipet 10k-20k
Kirin minipet 5-15k


Rurik minipet 20k - 40k
Shiro minipet 20k - 30k


Bone dragon minipet 90k-100k

************************************************** *******

Year Two


Aatxe Bladed 25k-40k
Fire Imp minipet 20k - 30k
Harpy Ranger minipet 15k - 25k
Heket minipet 15k - 25k
Juggernaut minipet 15k - 25k
Mandragor Imp minipet 20k - 43k
Thorn Wolf minipet 15k - 20k
Wind Rider minipet 15k - 25k


Christmas Elf minipet 20k - 25k
Koss minipet 20k - 35k
Palawa Joko minipet 20k - 25k


Lich Lord minipet 100k-175k
Water Djinn minipet 125k - 175k


Gwen minipet 225k - 275k

***Third Year***


Roaring Ether 40 - 50k
Raptor 45 - 55k
Mursaat 35 - 40k
Irukandji 25 - 30k
Forest Minotaur 25 - 30k
Cloudtouched Simian 25 - 30k
Cave Spider 35 - 40k
Abyssal 35 - 40k


Ooze 60 - 70k
Nornbear 65 - 75k
Freezie 60 - 70k


White Rabbit 225 - 250k
Black Beast of Arrgh 250 - 275k


Mad King Thorn 300 - 350k

************************************************** *******

Other Minipets (from other ingame sources & prizes)

Collector's Edition
Kuunavang minipet 125k-135k
Varesh Ossa minipet 10k-15k

Magazine & Events
Asura minipet 10k - 15k
Ceratadon minipet ?????
Destroyer minipet 30k
Grawl Shaman minipet 100k - 150k
Gray giants minipet 10k-20k

In-Game Reward
Black Moa Chick minipet 30k-35k
Ghostly Hero minipet 5000k- 6500k
Greased Lightning minipet 2500-3000k not updated
Mallyx minipet 250k-300k
Pig minipet 1k-3k (even less, very common)
Polar Bear minipet ????

Official Contests
Island Guardian minipet 5000k not updated
Kanaxai minipet 8000k
Longhair Yeti minipet 600k-620k
Naga Raincaller minipet 600k-800k
Oni minipet 1000-1300k not updated
Panda minipet 8000k
Shiro'ken Assassin minipet ????
Vizu minipet 8000k
Zhed minipet 4000k - 4500k

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