Spear of Dwayna

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Spear of Dwayna

Post  Abby on Mon Apr 07, 2008 6:04 pm


Spear Mastery: 12
Mysticism: 12 + 1 + 1


Template Code: OgmiUysMBkZGSkBA8eNfJGegB

1. Barbed Spear
2. Maiming Spear
3. Disrupting Throw
4. Remedy Signet
5. Avatar of Dwayna
6. Meditation
7. Pious Fury
8. Pious Haste

Works best with...

Survivor insignias or forsaken insignias, superior vigor + vitae on armor.
Shield of fortitude with a +45hp in stance inscription, and a cool spear Smile

Using this build.

This build is excellent in a one on one fight.
There are thus two ways of using this build, Cowardly and Boldly.
Cowardly: Keep your foe bleeding and crippled and stay as far from your foe as possible.
But remember to become an avatar before entering battle. Use meditation to heal yourself and Pious Fury to hit your foe real hard.
Boldly: Keep your foe bleeding and crippled. But remember to become an avatar before entering battle. Then spam with skills to heal yourself with tromendus (donno if that is spelled correctly) ammounts. Keep focused and change into an avatar as soon as possible while in combat.

This build can also work in group battles by using the steps above Smile

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